We envision a thriving “Big Valley” area community where the charm of its scenic beauty can coexist with vibrant, successful local businesses.
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Jim Treaster, President   2015

Kenton Stuck, Vice President   2017

Dale Buchanan, Recording Secretary   2015

Mark Ostrowski, Treasurer   2017

Brad Herman, Coordinator

Ric Aiken   2016

Ron Witherite  2015

Cheryl Glick - 2017





Upcoming Events

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Big Valley, PA
Thunderstorms Likely, Probability Of Precipitation: 90%
Thunderstorms Likely
94°F | 71°F
PoP 90%
Mostly Sunny, Probability Of Precipitation: 30%
Mostly Sunny
92°F | 68°F
PoP 30%
Partly Sunny
Partly Sunny
94°F | 67°F
Current Conditions:
The most current observation is more than 35602 hours old, please try again later.